Caedmon Meadows Festival 1977

Carolyn (sound woman for Caedmon at this time), Sam, Sally and Lance (Lance Stone wrote ‘Deathknot’ a Caedmon song not currently available in recordings), and Simon.
Martin Lovell and Jim are just visible behind and between Carolyn and Sam. A time of Laura Ashley smocks and (evidently) checks.
I’m guessing that it was taken in Edinburgh at the Meadows Festival….’The Skids’ were headliners.

3 Responses to “Caedmon Meadows Festival 1977”

  1. Sam

    I think this must have been earlier than ’77 – I grew my beard in ’75 and I’m definitely clean shaven here, though it’s after I got my hair cut in late ’74, early ’75. I’d say May or June ’75.

  2. Jo

    Who likes short shorts?

  3. Sam

    Everyone liked short shorts in those days – long baggy shorts were what old men wore. Google for England squad 1966 or World Cup 1974 to check out the fashions!

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