The latest news from Caedmon

May 2008
Jim, Ken, Sam and Simon meet for 3 days of jamming to develop an album of new material in Weardale, England.

Oct 2008
Jim, Ken, Sam and Simon back to Weardale to record over two weekends in October, working up some of the material started in May

Nov 2008
Ken and Simon go to Walsall, England, and record Angela’s vocals on four tracks
Ken heads off on round the world trip.

Feb 2009
Jim, Sam and SImon work on the mix in Edinburgh, Scotland.

July 2009
The band meet in Weardale, jam and decide to record with a producer and released completed demos on this website only

November 2009
The band meet in Weardale to write / perfect 12 tracks for the future album

January 2010
The band meet in Weardale to write / perfect 12 tracks for the future album

March 2010
Whole band rehearses stage set in Weardale Primary School for weekend

25th April – 2nd May 2010
Jim, Ken, Sam and Simon record at Durisdeer with Steve Butler

7th & 8th May
Two nights of Caedmon in concert at The Scottish Story Telling Centre Edinburgh
Angela records vocals for album in Simon’s attic.

July 2010
Jim, Ken, Sam and Simon record at Durisdeer with Steve Butler, Steve continues to mix over next few weeks.

Oct 2010
One day of final mixing with Simon, Ken and Steve.

Dec 2010
‘A Chicken to Hug’ is released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and as a digipak CD.

Dream of the Rood

Caedmon have just published a new track, based on the medieval Christian poem ‘The Dream of the Rood’ which some believe to have been written by the seventh century monk Caedmon.

Developed from a jam session in January 2016, the …

Terrascope Rumbles ‘A Chicken….’ Review

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From Terrascope

Durham/ Edinburgh/ Manchester/ West Bromwich residents Caedmon – gone from the music world for 30 years but now reformed, at least, in theory – have a new folk-infused album out, “A Chicken To Hug,” in which improvised material

Caedmon gig at Caedmon Hall 2011

That rarest of rare things, a Caedmon gig!

Only 18 months after the last gig and a lifetime after Caedmon played farewell in 1978, the band are getting together to play some old favourites and feature songs from the new …

Listen on Spotify too..

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As well as growing Youtube coverage of Caedmon (more than 7000 hits for ‘Sea Song’), find ‘A Chicken to Hug’ on Spotify. …

Caedmon music on Youtube

In the absence of a radio show that could broadcast our music to an attentive world, we've decided to do it ourselves. We've started uploading Caedmon tracks to Youtube.

Shindig Review

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Jeanette Leech review at Shindig Magazine:

CAEDMON was one of the original ultra-obscure acid folk acts; one private press album, released in ’78, and nothing thereafter. The rediscovery and re-evaluation of their album has inspired Caedmon to regroup and the

You’ve been Tango’d

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Caedmon’s Latin American consultant Christo Mac says that the distinctive knuckle over trailing foot sported by our chicken is an essential part of the ‘tango walk’. His teacher (Liliana) insists upon this move in her ‘tango walking’ lessons (I gather …