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Find out more about the history of the Acid Folk group Caedmon that started in 1973.

The album, Other recordings, The band, Classifying Caedmon, The facts,
The gigs, ’73 – ’75, ’75 – ’76, ’76 – ’77
The history, 1973 – 1978, 1979 – 2008

2 thoughts on “Then”

  1. New record sounds very cool. Will the re-issue of 1978 be vinyl? Will both be available for purchase from the Caedmon website? I absolutely want to get both.

  2. I have just found this website and what a surprise to hear about Caedmon making a new album!. I have a copy of the original vinyl album and single (“Give Me Jesus”) which my sister got when she worked in the Netherbow back in the 1970s.

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