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The facts

Caedmon Appearances

Caedmon played throughout Scotland from 1973 – 1978 including Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasglow, and Stirling; and in Bedfordshire, Hull, Manchester, and Whitley Bay in England.


The gigs
‘73 – ‘75 gigs
‘75 – ‘76 gigs
’76 – ’77 gigs

Writing process

Caedmon’s repertoire was initially a pool of songs that we had heard other bands playing.
The later material was mostly written by individuals in the band which were then arranged in rehearsal.
On some occasions the band got together for a weekend or week away and wrote by jamming and pooling ideas: ‘The Storm’ and ‘The Garden’ are examples, tracks which were not so much songs as compositions. It was the era of symphonic rock: Yes, Genesis and others were writing longer pieces.

Caedmon Repertoire

1973 – 1975

      • ‘Said Jesus to The Willow’ Traditional
      • ‘Sing Aloud’
      • ‘Now the Green Blade Rises’ John Crum 15th Century French Melody
      • ‘Born to Die’
      • ‘Pack up Your Sorrows’ Richard Farina
      • ‘Jesus is Alive Today’
      • ‘Guns and War’
      • ‘A Song Won’t Stop the World’ Larry Norman
      • ‘Holly and the Ivy’ Traditional
      • ‘Swing Low’ Traditional
      • ‘Death Knot’ Lance Stone / Jaquet
      • ‘Standing with Open Hands Before You Lord’
      • ‘Get in Line Brother’ Flatt and Scruggs
      • ‘I’ll Fly Away’ Traditional

1975 – 1978

      • ‘London Psalm’ Sam Wilson[*]
      • ‘Caedmon’s Song’ Ken Patterson
      • ‘Columba’s Song’ Jim Bisset
      • ‘Tears May Linger’ Simon Jaquet
      • ‘We Are Going to the Garden’ Caedmon
      • ‘Sea Song’ Simon Jaquet
      • ‘Heaven Haven’ Gerard Manley Hopkins / Simon Jaquet
      • ‘Flower’ Ken Patterson
      • ‘Ivory Tower’ Jim Bisset
      • ‘Worlds and Friends’ Ken Patterson and Jim Bisset
      • ‘Aslan’ Simon Jaquet
      • ‘The Garden’ Caedmon
      • ‘Sunchild’ Jim Bisset
      • ‘Caedmon’s Hymn’ Translated from original text Caedmon / Bisset
      • ‘Maker Man’ Ken Patterson
      • ‘Ten Maidens Fair’ Ken Patterson
      • ‘Living in The Sunshine’ Jim Bisset
      • ‘The Storm’ Caedmon
      • ‘Beyond the Second Mile’ Sam Wilson
      • ‘Death of a Fox’ Jim Bisset
      • ‘Smile upon Your Face’ Simon Jaquet
      • ‘Give me Jesus’ traditional spiritual

[*] Footnote from Sam: Since London Psalm appeared on the Caedmon Live album credited to me I’ve always had this guilty feeling that I had to put the credit right but didn’t know how. The words to London Psalm apppeared as a poem in Buzz Magazine sometime in, I’d guess, 1972 or 73. I rapidly forgot who had written it and lost the magazine. I’ve been unable to find the original poet ever since, and so far Google hasn’t helped. We do seem to figure on more compilations than I was aware of – Looking for London Psalm again I found another – search for “psalm” on this page <>

2 thoughts on “The facts”

  1. I looked through the Caedmon repertoire and couldn’t find mention of “Give Me Jesus”, a spiritual which the band used to play at the close of concerts – I think it was pressed as a single which accompanied the album – does my memory serve me correctly and if so, is the single an even rarer collector’s item than the album? (no financial angle to that question since I lost both album and single years ago)

  2. Yes, of course, you are right. I’ve rectified the error. It was, in many ways, our signature tune, especially in live concerts.

    The album is at its most collectible with LP, single, insert and sleeve intact, and in good condition. There were some signed covers as well.

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