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1979 – 2020


Sam and Simon in Cahoots. Jim in Ever After, then on a national tour with Nutshell.


Sam and Simon in The Buskin’ Band. Jim moves to London, then Manchester.


Ken’s work in The Nethrbow Restaurant leads him to buy a Tea Room in Rothbury Northumberland and becomes Egon Ronay Recommended in the ‘Just a Bite Guide’. He assists with the running of Linden Folk with Tony Welbrock, Rod Clements of Lindisfarne and Geoff Heslop of Black Crow records.


Sam and Simon in ‘The Wilde Cigarillos’ and ‘The Fairly Solid Theatre Co.’


Ken sets up ‘Pineapple Agogo’ carnival and dance band with Dodgy Clutch Theatre Co. Albums ‘Big in Winnipeg’ and ‘No Tripe Por Favor’ follow. Jim goes out to Harare, Zimbabwe, teaching English.


Jim returns from Zimbabwe, settles down and gets a real job; discovers computers.


Simon works on a youth project in Botswana and records an album in the Kalahari Desert with Duncan Senyatso and the Kgwape Band playing his own brand of highlife mandolin.


Jim gives up the day job and forms Bernie Hot Hot with David Dunne and Pete Condor.


Ken forms the Heaton People’s Band bringing the first steel pans set to the North East of England. The People soon choose to be called The 10th Avenue Band.


Jim forms Reel Funk Inc with Pete Condor and Shairon Rodgers.


Kissing Spell shows an interest in releasing the 1978 album as a CD.


Simon records ‘Private’ with Dave Heavenor as ‘The Night Visitors’.


Kissing Spell releases CD of ‘Caedmon’.


Ken forms The Newcastle All Stars Steel Orchestra an 18 piece teenage band.


Simon and Sam form Flaming Nora Ceilidh Band.


Ken coordinates ‘Making Music On the Line’ with Folkworks, Channel 4 and Oxfam. A band of ten musicians from Shetland, Northumberland, Gascony, Catalonia and Burkina Faso perform on a year long project in each of their countries. (Catriona Macdonald, Alison , Sandra Kerr, David Oliver, Pierre Schidt and Les Sous Fifres, Cati Plana, Francina Turon, Salif Ouedrago and Mama Kouyate).

Jim forms the Jazzrascals with Peter Condor, a studio based band who publish their music on the web:


Ken works with Richard Scott (Grand Union) in Rich Pickings and 4 Corners Music Network. The network includes Yousuf Ali Khan, Gerry Hunt, Graham Raine, Cheng Yu and Zed Morgan.


Kissing Spell releases a Caedmon Live CD.

Ken acts with Theatre Sans Frontieres in ‘Le Tour de France’ in a national tour. He starts a relationship with the company composing and music directing.


Ken composes ‘Tyne Times’ for a Tyneside International Streetband Festival. A massed band of 100 musicians (Germany, France, Netherlands, UK and USA) plays the piece by the Millennium Bridge in Gateshead.


Ken acts in ‘Round the World in 80 Minutes’ a further collaboration with TSF, filmed in Cameroon, Tunisia, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec for a multi media theatrical show.

Jim sets up the ‘James Bisset: Fiftieth Anniversary Edition’ project.


Ken composes music for TSF’s ‘La Pelota Magica’.


Ken composes music for TSF’s ‘Les Contes Dores”.

May 2008

Jim, Ken, Sam and Simon meet for 3 days of jamming to develop an album of new material in Weardale, England.

Oct 2008

Jim, Ken, Sam and Simon back to Weardale to record over two weekends in October, working up some of the material started in May

Nov 2008

Ken and Simon go to Walsall, England, and record Angela’s vocals on four tracks

Feb 2009

Jim, Sam and SImon work on the mix in Edinburgh, Scotland.

July 2009

The band meet in Weardale, jam and decide to record with a producer and released completed demos on this website only

November 2009

The band meet in Weardale to write / perfect 12 tracks for the future album

January 2010

The band meet in Weardale to write / perfect 12 tracks for the future album

March 2010

Whole band rehearses stage set in Weardale Primary School for weekend

25th April – 2nd May 2010

Jim, Ken, Sam and Simon record at Durisdeer with Steve Butler

7th & 8th May 2010

Two nights of Caedmon in concert at The Scottish Story Telling Centre Edinburgh
Angela records vocals for album in Simon’s attic.

July 2010

Jim, Ken, Sam and Simon record at Durisdeer with Steve Butler, Steve continues to mix over next few weeks.

Oct 2010

One day of final mixing with Simon, Ken and Steve.

Dec 2010

‘A Chicken to Hug’ is released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and as a digipak CD.


Simon and Sam in davesnewbike release ‘wanderlust‘ cd album with Tom Houston and Kris Jozajtis


Friend Peter Ryder challenges Caedmon to write a version of the ‘Dream of the Rood’. They meet up, write and record in Newcastle and Edinburgh and release a demo version on Soundcloud.


Simon and Sam in davesnewbike release The Tin Can and the Flood‘ cd album with Tom Houston and Kris Jozajtis


The whole band meets and makes series of documentary videos with locations around Edinburgh. They work on ‘Runaway’ for the album that is to become ‘RARE’. 

They meet a few times to write and record in Edinburgh. Simon and Dave Heavenor look through old 1/4″ tapes from the ’70s and the they are taken to be digitised.


Guerssen Records approach Caedmon for permission to release a vinyl version of the 1978 album (including a 7″ single special INSET and limited edition gold vinyl albums) and Jim remasters from the original 1/4″ master.


New album ‘RARE’ is completed and is released on vinyl and as a CD. Caroline Brown (Simon’s wife) and Sally Jaquet (Simon’s daughter) both contribute with vocals on some of the new tracks.

The 1978 album is available on streaming services for first time as well as the Guerssen rerelease.


Simon and Sam in davesnewbike release ‘Smiling at the Croft’ cd album with Tom Houston and Kris Jozajtis.


Ken creates an animated cartoon version of ‘Sea Song’.

The band meets up and starts on demos four new songs before COVID 19 scupper their plans.

6 thoughts on “1979 – 2020”

  1. I’m fairly sure I have (or had) a tape of Ever After playing at Greenbelt about 79/80. One of our group recorded lots of concerts there and my memory is that Ever After was one of the few that got replayed quite a bit for some time after. I haven’t thought of it for years but this makes me want to see if I can find it and equipment to play it on

  2. Oh wow! I can think of a few people who’d be interested in hearing that.

    Are you sure it wasn’t After The Fire? 😉

    Do get in touch if you find it. I know a guy with some old tech who owes me a favour.

  3. Hi my (now) wife and I went to a wedding reception in the north east and Pineapple Agogo were playing. Is any of their music still available? We absolutely loved it! I think we used to own a ‘tape’ but that’s long gone…

  4. We watched Pineapple Agogo performing at the 1990 National Garden Festival and bought the tape of ‘Big In Winnipeg’.

    Discovered the tape today lurking in the back of a cupboard draw!

    It took us back to Gateshead in an instant with recollections of a marvellous day and a lovely sunny holiday!

    Thank you 25+ years later.


  5. Sam, you were still at it in 2020! Never let it go! But I’d never have doubted that. Drop me a note if you’re so inclined.

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