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1973 – 1978

December 1973

Caedmon’s first public concert, Pollock Halls, Edinburgh University.

Andy Love: guitar from Aberdeen
Angela Naylor: vocals from Brighouse, Yorkshire
Ken Patterson: ‘cello, keyboards and guitar from Newcastle upon Tyne

All three were veterinary students.


Simon Jaquet: mandolin, guitar, clarinet and bongoes from Sellindge Kent (a student of French)
Sam Wilson: guitar and bass guitar from Prestwich, Manchester (a student of Chemical Engineering)

Both join the band in early 74. First concert as a 5-piece in Pollock Halls, Baird House common room round about Easter 74. At the end of the summer vacation there is a slightly abortive week’s rehearsal at Elm How, a pink cottage in the Lake District. Andy and Ken can’t make it because of failed resits. Angela, Simon and Sam jam for hours and spend a lot of time walking to the shops which are about 4 miles away. Andy leaves vet school for home in Aberdeen and Ken transfers to Psychology.

Late in 74 Jim Bisset, electric guitar, from Crieff, Perthshire joins the band. He’s studying Divinity.


Simon’s course takes him to France. Fiddler Alan Torrance plays with Caedmon in his absence. Jim, Ken and Sam move into a flat together along with Jim’s sister. They tour widely in a borrowed Austin Maxi and a Volkswagen Caravette. Alan Stevens (another Vet student) helps with sound.


Caedmon appear at the Edinburgh Fringe for a week of late night concerts at The Netherbow Arts Centre on The Royal Mile, with Gordon Strachan (photography), Carolyn Dougill (sound) and George Anderson (lighting).
They start to play weekly in The Mitre pub on the same street. Tony Welbrock starts to sound mix for the band.


Second year at the Edinburgh Fringe for a week of concerts.

At the end of the week they travel overnight in their Ford Transit van ‘Abysilda’ to perform the following afternoon at the Greenbelt Festival in a marquee. Squeezed by programming needs into a meagre slot to accommodate ‘Nutshell’.


They record their eponymous LP to celebrate their five years as a band. They spend two weekends in Barclay Towers Studio in a garret in Bruntsfield. Twelve tracks are mixed down. Ken designs sleeve, Sam the sleeve notes, Angela the lyric sheet and a photo is taken on Arthur’s Seat. Twelve tracks proves to be too much for one album so a 45 rpm single is included in the package. 500 copies are made. They are sold at the Farewell Concert in George Square, Edinburgh in the month of March, to friends and fans. Ken and Angela leave Edinburgh.

6 thoughts on “1973 – 1978”

  1. Was your first concert as a threesome in Pollock rather than in, say, a Vet School lunchtime event? And I thought the name Caedmon came later too. I remember the first concert with Simon and me was in Pollock – a Willie Storrar special ISTR – and I broke a string, the only time I’ve ever broken a string on a bass.

  2. I remember the first appearance was with two or three pieces within Pollock Halls, but I’m not sure where. ‘Born to die’ is my strongest memory …… with Andy and I playing guitar.


  3. I hope you guys are remembering Death Knot a song you covered by the esteemed Rev Lance Stone, truly an unsung lyrical genius.. I also have some reel to reel tapes of Caedmon live , plus slides which I took as part of a farewell ‘ tape – slide’ show at The Netherbow around the time of the George Square Theatre farewell gig I think. Shots of you all at Lonsdale Terrace…


  4. Hi David. Death Knot is noted in our ‘The Facts’ repertoire listing. Do you have a decent recording of it?


  5. Hi Ken, I think it may be on this reel to reel tape mentioned. I’ll endeavour to put a copy on Garage Band so you can decide whether it’s worth a jot or a tittle. I ‘ll also dig out those slides and send them to you David

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