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Other recordings

Caedmon ‘Live’: Kissing Spell

Kissing Spell followed up their rerelease of the Caedmon 1978 album with live tracks from two concerts in 1977 / 1978. London Psalm is everyone’s favourite on blogs.

The tracks are:

1.) London Psalm Sam Wilson, 05 mins 56 secs
2.) Ivory Tower Jim Bisset, 05 mins 16 secs
3.) Worlds and Friends Ken Patterson, 04 mins 47 secs
4.) Aslan Simon Jaquet 05 mins 13 secs
5.) Sea Song Simon Jaquet 05 mins 48 secs
6.) The Garden Caedmon 07 mins 58 secs
7.) Caedmon Hymn Jim Bisset 04 mins 38 secs
8.) Sunchild Jim Bisset 04 mins 41 secs
9.) Heaven Haven Poem: G.M. Hopkins, Music: Simon Jaquet 02 mins 46 secs
10.) Ten Maidens Fair Ken Patterson 04 mins 19 secs
11.) Maker Man Ken Patterson 03 mins 02 secs
12.) Storm Caedmon 06 mins 19 secs 1978
13.) Beyond the Second Mile Sam Wilson 06 mins 48 secs
14.) Columba Jim Bisset 02 mins 42 secs

The Netherbow Recordings

We recorded a whole bunch of tracks in the Netherbow Arts Centre in 1975?. The Netherbow had a small broadcast studio in the top level, and although it was never really designed for recording bands, it was our first attempt at proper studio recording.

Five of these tracks now appear on RARE.

The farewell concert was also recorded but never published.

4 thoughts on “Other recordings”

  1. These tracks that were recorded but never released, are they going to be made available ? I’ll buy it !!

  2. Netherbow was 1975. At least, that was the date of the watercolour painting I did of the band from photos I took then. BTW – who has that painting? I think it may be Angela?

  3. Re: older recordings remastered:
    I’m a recording engineer by trade and would be very interested in helping restore any previously unpublished live or studio recordings. I would also love to try to produce copies of “Ten Maidens Fair” and “Give Me Jesus” that are not clipped.

  4. Please release more of your early recordings and live recordings, even if you are just releasing them as MP3s in their original state, unmastered, on your Bandcamp page. Audio quality is not a deterrent.

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