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’76 – ’77 gigs

Sadly this is where the record, so far as we have it at the moment, stops. The dates are written on sheets of writing paper pasted into the Caedmon scrapbook, but it looks as though the last one, with the remainder of ’77 and ’78, is missing. If we find it I’ll fill the rest of this in.

Winter ’76
Friday 8th Oct Glasgow Univ. Barbecue  
Sat 9th Oct “Naked Christian” Geo Sq Lect Th  
16th Oct Aberdeen C.U.  
17th Ellon (Mike Frew)
20th Harthill Mission Centre  
24th Davidson’s Mains Ch. of Scot.  
29th Charisma  
Nov 10th Stirling C.U. Pathfoot Building  
13th Hull Union  
19th Charisma  
21st Crieff  
24th Coulter’s Charity Concert  
27th Manchester  
Easter Term ’77
Friday 21st Jan Heriot’s School  
Sat 29th Jan Bruntsfield Evan.  
Sun 30th Jan Craiglockhart (Jim Christie’s)
Sat 5th Feb Dundee Univ C.U.  
Sun 6th Feb St Ninians Corstorphine  
Friday 18th Feb Charisma  
Sat 19th Feb Grangemouth (J.Cockburn);
Sat 26th Feb Troon — Brethren
Sun 27th Feb Haddington  
Sat 5th Mar Hull Univ. C.U.  

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