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The latest news from Caedmon

New Album ………… but what should we call it?

We’re starting on artwork for our new album……but what should we call it?

Perhaps, simply, ‘Caedmon’s Return’?
Or a title reflecting our Acid Folk tag e.g. ‘Acid Drops’? Or one of the track names e.g. ‘Elephant in the Chatroom’?

Here’s …

Playing to an empty hall

Here are the four Caedmon boys at Ken's house in Weardale. Simon is strumming the guitar in the living room (Who Knows Where The Time Goes, I think); Jim is working at his laptop; Ken is making supper; and I'm musing on what's happening next.

Caedmon rehearsing for new album and concerts in 2010….

Photo taken in November 2009: the band between rehearsals for April’s 2010 recording and May 2010 concert in Edinburgh.

The band warmed to playing a few of their 1970’s songs: Sea Song, Aslan, London Psalm, Columcille and signature spiritual ‘Give …

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Kissing Spell has lost its magic

Kissing Spell Records logoKissing Spell was the record label that bought the rights to publish the Caedmon 1978 album on CD.

For a while there, you could buy the album on Amazon, but recently Amazon reported the album as ‘out of stock’ and …

Listen to the Caedmon 2008 demos

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Caedmon's Return - the demosWell, now that we’ve got the music player up and running, we can let you hear some of the more recent music we’ve been working on.

These are demos – recordings we’ve made to try things out and see what …

Listen to the Caedmon 1978 album now

Yes, we’ve finally got around to putting up that 1978 Caedmon album so that you can listen to it while you browse the site.

See if you can spot the spoon on the tea cup! Why do we sing ‘En …

Caedmon on the move: new songs, new recordings

Last weekend a new song was put in the pot by Jim: ‘Let the Four Winds Blow’ in a Black Gospel mode. Recently introduced song ‘Elephant in the Chatroom’ discovered its groove, and the whole new set list found a …

Caedmon myspace page with new tracks and video

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The astute listeners will spot the updated Ouagadougou vocals track on myspace and youtube….. Ken gets less BBC and closer to his roots. But also clock that there are a good number of people listening to the new tracks: Childless, …