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Listen to the Caedmon 1978 album now

Yes, we’ve finally got around to putting up that 1978 Caedmon album so that you can listen to it while you browse the site.

See if you can spot the spoon on the tea cup! Why do we sing ‘En maidens fair with your long yellow hair’? Who is Columcille?

Screen shot of Caedmon music player

You can even vote for your favourite Caedmon songs by clicking on the little star in the player window.

The music player launches in a new window so that it can keep playing tracks while you browse through the rest of the site.

Just click on the link to the music player on the right – yes over there – and prepare to be amazed as 30 years just melt away…

4 thoughts on “Listen to the Caedmon 1978 album now”

  1. hi, do any of the band have any spare copies of the original lp they would sell?, i would pay £400 each.

  2. Well, as I sat on mine, no (see ‘Breaking News‘) and I’m fairly sure the others don’t either.

    If we did have a spare, I suspect we’d probably auction it on Ebay to pay for recording the new album.

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