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Caedmon on the move: new songs, new recordings

Last weekend a new song was put in the pot by Jim: ‘Let the Four Winds Blow’ in a Black Gospel mode. Recently introduced song ‘Elephant in the Chatroom’ discovered its groove, and the whole new set list found a viable live way forward.

In trepidation the band tickled ‘Aslan’, ‘Columcille’ and ‘London Psalm’ from the past catalogue with a play through…. but it was no chore…… smiles and mostly recognition of parts and structures!

1 thought on “Caedmon on the move: new songs, new recordings”

  1. I remember being a wee baby medic at Edinburgh Uni and I think it was in second year late 1975 when the Christian Union organised a mission with Capt Stephen Anderson. I was starting to understand the gospel and attended a concert (was it in Hill Square?) by Caedmon. I still remember you guys being in full flow with one of your songs and shock-horror Capt Anderson dramatically leapt onto the stage and abruptly called a halt then proceded to give us all the “willies”, talking about insidious infiltration by the “opposition” which was planning to bring about a 1984 type regime. I’m sure there was a great deal of cold-war hype in those days: we were suddenly seized with the idea that he being formerly military would know something we didn’t and were agog. I remember some girls next to me were so upset they were crying (they must have been arts faculty!) andd then Stephen brought it round to Jesus and how he’d already won the victory. The urgency of his message and the (apparent) shock on the band’s faces at interrupting them was priceless. And yes, I got the album but only realised after some months that I never collected the single that was added to it. What was on the single? I thought at the time it was your greatest song. Great to hear your are all still making music even if Angela is the only one doing a proper job! I will never forget the wonderful complex sounds you produced and the witness it was to many.

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