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The latest news from Caedmon

The Nook Sessions: is it Acid Folk?

There are now ten new songs in the pipeline being worked up by Jim, Ken, Sam and Simon. But are they Acid Folk? Perhaps Psychedelic Folk or Folk Rock……. Christian Contemporary……. a bit Wyrd….. New Indie Mondiale Scottish….. one eavesdropper …

The elephant in the (chat)room

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Being a personal view this is of course very like the elephant itself.

  • We were three vets, a linguist and an engineer. One vet became a psychologist, another vet left and a theologian joined.
  • We are now a web

Caedmon on Myspace

Yup. Ken’s put up a Myspace Caedmon site on erm… Myspace. As a respected web designer I know nothing about Myspace, and frankly I hope to keep it that way. But the good news is that you can hear some …

Sadly this is where the record, so far as we have it at the moment, stops. The dates are written on sheets of writing paper pasted into the Caedmon scrapbook, but it looks as though the last one, with the remainder of ’77 and ’78, is missing. If we find it I’ll fill the rest of this in.

Winter ’76
Friday 8th Oct Glasgow Univ. Barbecue  
Sat 9th Oct “Naked Christian” Geo Sq Lect Th  
16th Oct Aberdeen C.U.  
17th Ellon (Mike Frew)
20th Harthill Mission Centre  
24th Davidson’s Mains Ch. of Scot.  
29th Charisma  
Nov 10th Stirling C.U. Pathfoot Building  
13th Hull Union  
19th Charisma  
21st Crieff  
24th Coulter’s Charity Concert  
27th Manchester  
Easter Term ’77
Friday 21st Jan Heriot’s School  
Sat 29th Jan Bruntsfield Evan.  
Sun 30th Jan Craiglockhart (Jim Christie’s)
Sat 5th Feb Dundee Univ C.U.  
Sun 6th Feb St Ninians Corstorphine  
Friday 18th Feb Charisma  
Sat 19th Feb Grangemouth (J.Cockburn);
Sat 26th Feb Troon — Brethren
Sun 27th Feb Haddington  
Sat 5th Mar Hull Univ. C.U.  

The academic year ’75-’76 was notable because Simon spent most of it in France as part of his course, teaching English in a Lycée in Forbach near Strasbourg. We were down to a foursome – could we hack it?

Winter Term ’75
Freshers week Prof Hunt’s + Chaplaincy Centre Evening [1]  
Oct 3rd Balerno, St Mungo’s  
8th Hamilton College Freshers Night  
11th Aberdeen C.U. Barbecue  
12th Leith St Andrews Y.F.  
19th Bannockburn, Cowie  
25th Motherwell — open air
26th Motherwell — civic centre
Nov 2nd Bathgate, St John’s YF  
7th Dick Vet “Outward Axis” Barbecue, Galashiels  
9th Auchterarder Annual Youth Rally  
19th Stirling Univ C.U.  
20th George Sq Bread and Cheese Lunch  
23rd Carrick Knowe YF  
24th Dunfermline College (cancelled on arrival)
30th Ponton House  
Dec 6th Willy’s — Glenrothes[2]  
7th St Thomas’ Guest Service (Last of G Bridger) [3]
Easter Term ’76
Jan 17th CU Celidh  
18th Maranatha Centre  
19th Dunfermline College of Ed  
25th Bishopbriggs Brethren  
28th Netherbow Concert  
30th Dumfries Y.F.  
31st North Berwick Pavillion [sic]  
Feb 2nd Q. Margs. C.U. meeting (Talk)
14th Manchester  
28th Broughty Ferry (van broke down)
Mar 5th Charisma  
Summer Term ’76
May 2nd St Caths. Argyll  
Summer Vac ’76
June 19th – 26th Swaledale [4]  
Aug 10th – 14th St Ninians Crieff[5]  
14th Aviemore — Speyside Th.  
16th – 28th Netherbow  

[1] Professor Norman Hunt was the Edinburgh University Christan Union’s Honorary President. He and his wife used to host student gatherings at their rather astonishing house in Ravelston Dykes Road.

[2] This was at the home and home church of the man who is now Professor William F. Storrar of Princeton University. He was also responsible for our first gig as a fivesome, the “Jesus + Folk” event in the Baird House Common Room.

[3] Gordon Bridger was the vicar or rector of St Thomas’ Episcopal Church in Corstorphine, a student-friendly church. I think he moved to Norwich.

[4] Carolyn Dougill, our sound person and sometime girlfriend of Jim, arranged a cottage in Gunnerside in Swaledale for us all to spend a week in (getting Simon back in to harness and working on new material). I remember I got a summer job unexpectedly quickly and could only be there for the weekends.

[5] St Ninians was a Church of Scotland training centre in Crieff where Jim’s dad was the manager/warden/high heid yin, so Jim managed to find us rehearsal space there.

Were you there?

It's likely you didn't realise that you were witnessing one of the most astounding folk rock acts of the seventies but, unlike gigs in the sixties, if you were there then you probably remember it. So we're compiling a list of the gigs Caedmon played. Check it out and see if you can remember.

Transcribed from the lists maintained by Angela and Ken in the Caedmon scrapbook. For the moment I’ve left the columns in the same format as they appear on the page. I might consider changing the layout to make it more readable. If anyone really sad out there wants to request it we could put in images of the scrapbook pages so you can see for yourself. It’s the sort of thing only a really obsessive fan would consider, of course…

Use the links in the side bar to select the years you’re interested in.

Christmas Term ’73
9th Dec Pollock Carol Service (Andy, Ken, Angela)
Easter Term ’74
“Jesus + Folk” – Baird Common Room Sun Feb 17th (“CAEDMON” [+ Sam + Simon])
Summer Term ’74
“Jesus Thing” George Sq. May 3rd, Fri  
“Jesus Thing” George Sq. May 10rd, Fri  
“Time Machine” 3rd May 8.00 pm  
Summer Vacation4
Elm Howe, Patterdale Sept 25th-28th ’74 (Simon, Sam, Angie)
Andy’s Flat    
Autumn Term ’74
Freshers week Fri & Sat nights Hill Place
  Sun night Baird Common Rm.
Torch Fellowship October – Sat afternoon (Jim joined)
Time Machine Nov 8th  
Rutherglen – Stonelaw Church (Dennis Brice)[1] Nov 10th  
George Sq bread & cheese lunches Thursdays  
Pollock Carol Service Sun Dec 8th  
Queen Margaret’s College Dec 11th [or 10th?] (Carol Service)
Charisma Dec 13th  
Spring Term ’75
Sellindge Vicarage Dec 31st – Jan 3rd  
Denny High School Jan 8th 12.30pm + 4pm  
Motherwell Maranatha Centre Jan 12th  
Mission Cafe Jan 16th + Jan 17th  
KB Union Jan 20th 1pm  
Mission Cafe Jan 25th  
Radio Forth recording (Netherbow) Jan 27th  
Radio Forth programme Feb 2nd 7.30am  
International reception Feb 5th (+ Alan)[2]
Queen Margaret College Feb 10th  
‘Mitre’ audition Feb 13th  
St Thomas’s Guest Service Feb 16th  
Charisma Feb 21st  
‘Mitre’ Feb 22nd  
Craigmount School Feb 24th + Feb 28th  
Mitre Feb Mar 1st  
Charisma Mar 7th  
Summer Term ’75
Fri 11th April Whitley Bay Baptist Church (33 C.P.A. NEWCASTLE Wed 9th -> Sun 13th)[3]
Thurs 17th Dunfermline College of Physical Education  
Fri 18th Charisma  
Sat 19th Mitre  
Fi 25th Charisma  
Sat 26th Mitre  
Thurs 1st May East Suffolk Halls  
Sat 3rd Mitre  
Fri 9th Charisma (with Water Into Wine Band)
Sat 10th Motherwell Civic Theatre  
Sun 11th Bathgate  
Fri 16th Crieff, Morrison’s School  
Sat 17th Mitre  
Fri 23rd Charisma  
Sat 24th Mitre  
Sat 31st Mitre  
Fri 6th June Eyemouth  
Sat 7th Mitre  
Fri 13th Charisma  
Summer Vac

Links to later academic years will appear in the sidebar.

[1] Dennis Brice was a fellow student who, IIRC, had recently become a minister and invited us to his church. He had a green Renault 4, I seem to recall.

[2] Alan Torrance – see reference on another page on this site – I’ll link to it when I work out how.

And here’s the video evidence

And in case there are any doubters out there, here’s video evidence that Caedmon can actually still play their instruments.