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Caedmon rehearsing for new album and concerts in 2010….

Five members of Caedmon meet on the ledge
Five members of Caedmon meet on the ledge

Photo taken in November 2009: the band between rehearsals for April’s 2010 recording and May 2010 concert in Edinburgh.

The band warmed to playing a few of their 1970’s songs: Sea Song, Aslan, London Psalm, Columcille and signature spiritual ‘Give Me Jesus’ as well as their new set list of eleven songs written over the last year.

4 thoughts on “Caedmon rehearsing for new album and concerts in 2010….”

  1. Concert in Edinburgh? May 2010? You mean it’s actually happening – i.e. booked? Where? What date? Where can I buy a ticket, because I want to reserve one right yesterday?

  2. I’s great to hear that you plan to release a new album. I live in Florida. I really like progressive folk music, especially with Christian lyrics. I don’t think too many people know about Caedmon in the United States. I sure wish I’d known about your band in the 70’s when I was in Germany. I’d like to find more music similar to Caedmon. If anyone can help, email me at

  3. I think we met on eBay John? Water into Wine Band are in the same bag as us and were performing at the same time. You could also look at the ‘Parchment’ link to a fan site recalling the band from slightly earlier in the seventies. Invite us to the USA and we’ll play for you there?

  4. Hi Ken,

    Yes I saw your ad on ebay.

    I’d love to invite your band and family to the USA but unfortunately I don’t have the finances. If I had a million dollars, I’d buy all of you a plane ticket and try to arrange some concerts for you.

    Anyhow… I do look forward to your new CD. I never owned a copy of your LP but I think a friend of mine has it.

    Do you recall a couple other UK Christian bands from the 70’s named Mystery Maker and Candle Factory? I’ve been trying to find members of these bands now for years. If you know them, drop me an email at



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