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Playing to an empty hall

Here are the four Caedmon boys at Ken’s house in Weardale. Simon is strumming the guitar in the living room (Who Knows Where The Time Goes, I think); Jim is working at his laptop; Ken is making supper; and I’m musing on what’s happening next.

We arrived last night and we’ve spent the day working on some of the songs, old and new, that we’re planning to play when we’re released to an expectant public. Tomorrow we head for the village school where we’ve arranged to use the hall for the day. Simon and I brought some of the Flaming Nora PA gear down with us and we’re going to pretend we’re playing live. Not sure how we’re going to get on.

Today we pretty much nailed Aslan, Childless, Elephant in the Chatroom and Give Me Jesus, though we need Angela’s vocal finesse to make that one perfect.

Columcille (Columba’s Song), London Psalm and Time Flies all need some more work doing, probably work of the kind that involves sitting alone in a darkened room with headphones on going “drat! drat!! drat!!! again…”

Jim’s found out that his function file wasn’t linked, Ken’s putting out crisps and Simon’s got on to Down Where The Drunkards Roll. Perhaps we’ll tell you more after tomorrow…

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  1. Well that went surprisingly well, if a little knackering. Wearhead Primary School have been very kind to us – nice and warm and we ate our sandwiches in the tiny staffroom – and it was very different playing in a line rather than facing each other. Not much else to say – we’re working on old and new stuff but we’ve got quite a lot of work to do before we’ll be ready for prime time.

    As I write we’re sitting in Ken’s living room replete with haggis, neeps, tatties and a little fine malt. The three of us who aren’t Scottish are, rather worryingly, wearing tartan. Jim has read Address To A Haggis and Tam O’Shanter and now we’re listening to Edith Piaf. No, I don’t know why either. We’re discussing the logistics of gigs, recording and album releases. Expect more news soon.

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