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Kissing Spell has lost its magic

Kissing Spell Records logoKissing Spell was the record label that bought the rights to publish the Caedmon 1978 album on CD.

For a while there, you could buy the album on Amazon, but recently Amazon reported the album as ‘out of stock’ and the Kissing Spell web site hasn’t been updated in ages.

Well, any questions about the current activities of Kissing Spell are easily answered by going to the web site – which would appear to be a Japanese blog about beauty treatments.

So it looks like the only place you can still hear the Caedmon 1978 album is here on the Caedmon Music Player (see the link on the right), oh – and any number of pirate sites. But then we’re not going to tell you about those now are we.

5 thoughts on “Kissing Spell has lost its magic”

  1. Have you tried this URL – ? That’s definitely them, but only four CDs (and none yours)? But for a small independent label to re-release any obscure record from the ’70s (no matter how magnificent) and for it still to be found for sale new (oh yes) fifteen years is later is surely impressive… It was also available again on vinyl (albeit briefly), complete with single. I know – I have a copy. I’m sure I saw an original issue once (I live near Edinburgh) years ago, but had no idea at the time what I wasn’t buying… I do think it a little puerile of KS to censor the word “Jesus” from the last track on the CD (I doubt that they would accept the charge of “blasphemy”). Oh “Barclay Towers” – Bruntsfield? Near Barclay Church?

  2. Wow – thanks for that Miguel.

    It looks like the Amazon links are working again too, complete with the comments by Sam and me.

    Well, well, well…

  3. I bought it from Amazon – with it’s rather intolerant anti-religious statement on behalf of Kissing Spell on the back cover. I recommend a less fascistic record company for any future re-releases….

    On the up-side, this is inspiring mystic folk, and I wish more fellow Catholics had done more to explore contemporary styles. Genius!

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