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New Album ………… but what should we call it?

We’re starting on artwork for our new album……but what should we call it?

Perhaps, simply, ‘Caedmon’s Return’?
Or a title reflecting our Acid Folk tag e.g. ‘Acid Drops’? Or one of the track names e.g. ‘Elephant in the Chatroom’?

Here’s some of the new songs: ‘Childless’, ‘Elephant in the Chatroom’, ‘Four Winds Blow’, ‘Old Enough to Know Better’, ‘Old Kings’, ‘Onna Kae’, ‘Ouagadougou’, ‘Still Here’, ‘Take it Away’, ‘Time Flies’, ‘Waltzing Home’ …………….. is there a title in them?

Give us your ideas.

4 thoughts on “New Album ………… but what should we call it?”

  1. how about ‘older and wider’ i know i am. only joking how about ‘rebirth of a fox’ – ‘death of a fox’ has always been my favourite.

  2. Ummm… ‘Older and Why-der’?

    Glad you liked ‘Death of a Fox’. I’ll just put a vote for it on the online playlist on your behalf. 🙂

  3. The other tried-and-tested way of finding a good title is to have a look through your words and pick a suitable lyric. Preferably one that is enigmatic yet accessible, mysterious yet appropriate. Or something.

  4. Musing on Jo’s thought “30 years is not enough” could be good, but most people won’t get that until the concerts. They might not get it then.

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