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Caedmon on Myspace

Yup. Ken’s put up a Myspace Caedmon site on erm… Myspace. As a respected web designer I know nothing about Myspace, and frankly I hope to keep it that way. But the good news is that you can hear some of the tracks from that fabled album on the site (if that’s the right word – ‘site’ not ‘fabled’).

Anyway, you can check out the sounds at

5 thoughts on “Caedmon on Myspace”

  1. Sorry Jim. It’s probably a big embarrassment for you to have an association with MySpace and I know my efforts at design are crude, but I do have a brief sense of reward that I managed to make a My Space background that’s not the standard one …… I am a novice at such things. I do note that the number of ‘profile views’ is building and surely it’s just another way of accessing this much more classy site.

    Mostly I’m keen to facilitate access to Caedmon’s music and to find a platform for, what I feel is going to be, an exciting new album.

  2. Hello again, Caedmon! Astonishing and happy news that you’ve got back together. It’s a funny feeling after so long. Hilary (remember Rosemary and Hilary? Of course you do!) is a member of Musick Fyne as am I (google for more information!) and she told me that you were making music once more. You could have knocked me down with the proverbial feather!

    You’re all looking good in the photos on the website. Recogniseable, and more mature!

    I don’t suppose it’s quite as easy to arrange practices as it used to be when we were all in Pollock Halls, but as they say, “Where there’s a will…..” I have always missed Caedmon since moving to Aberdeen, but one has to move on. I still make music; main instument is voice (tenor) but reawake the guitar from time to time, with a touch of mandolin or bouzouki. Actually, my family are all musical too and we have given family concerts occasionally. I would be most interested to find out what you good people have done with your lives for the last three decades. I’ve been teaching biology and science after BSc Hons in Aberdeen, PGCE in York, getting married and rearing a family (four lovely daughters, the first of which is a 3rd year medic, the second starting zoology and two more in secondary school).

    Lovely to hear a bit about you again; I have always wondered what you lot have made of your lives (we actually did have a visit from Simon, Caroline and young son about ten years ago; I never quite worked out what he is doing!)

    It would be good to get in touch again, perhaps via Claire (Hello again, Claire) and Hilary since I do not entirely trust this worldwide public noticeboard.

    God bless you all. Lots of love,


  3. Hi Andy – great to hear from you. Hilary had mentioned that she was still in contact with you but we hadn’t followed it up. Oddly enough the time you sent your message the 4 Caedmon boys were meeting again at Ken’s cottage to firm up on the recordings we’d been working on. We met again last weekend (two weeks later) and there may be more news of that shortly. It would be good to keep in touch.

  4. Hiya Andy, long time no… I still remember you, Ken + I doing ‘born to die’ in some hall or other as a 1st public outing, good memories! 35 yrs on, I live in west brom with hubbie Keith, son Mark got wed in sept, Amy’s 3rd yr at Liverpool uni [music/maths] Don’t really do much music except singing in church, mark writes 100’s of songs but I’ve only heard a few! Amy plays piano + sings. Workwise I just do 7 hrs a week consulting to keep up to speed, can just about do the basics on computer but generally have to shout for a young nurse to rescue me. Good to hear from you – keep in touch. Angela x

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