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Blog 3 : RARE. 50 Reflections upon 50 Caedmon Tracks to Celebrate their 50th Birthday.

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When we set about making our third studio album in 2018, we met a number of times in Edinburgh recording together in Simon’s garret studio.

We decided to copy the same format as our first eponymous album. 500 vinyl LPs with a single and paper lyric sheet inserted. And once we had settled upon the idea, we wondered if copies of this new album would become RARE collectors’ items in a decade or two? The first album is worth a fortune. A ‘holy grail’.

It was then a small step to both name the album RARE and to write a title song.

Ken has been throwing pots over the last few years. So he developed a lyric using the metaphor of a ‘one-off’ hand-thrown item being found on a shelf sometime after its genesis. And that pot being judged good enough to be cloned and reproduced, so that many more people got to handle a version of the pot. And once declared RARE, purchasers start to buy the vessel not to drink from, but be to packed in protective layers and stored as an investment.

Sam had a chord progression on acoustic guitar, and invented a melody, using and refining Ken’s words. Ken wrote the bridge sequences.

Guerssen contacted us asking to create a new remastered vinyl version of the first album, whilst all this was all in progess. We agreed, and they helped us with distribution of the RARE album, released on our own Caedmonsreturn label.

If the RARE is declared a collector’s item at some point, there are still a few boxes unsold…………….

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