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Tracking down Tracks

Tracking down Tracks

Will we find tracks of better quality from 1974 / 1975 to release?
For clarity’s sake the Live CD track listing is now published in ‘Then: Other recordings’.

2 thoughts on “Tracking down Tracks”

  1. Hi Guys,

    I dug out the old reel to reel and put it on a CD using Garage Band . Gave Simon a copy . I can e:mail you MP3’s if you want to see if they’re any good or worth EQuing properly. Songs are : Born To Die; Caedmon’s Hymn; Caedmon’s Song; Death Knot; Ivory Tower; Give Me Jesus; God is LOve; London Psalm; Sea Song; Sun Child; tears May Linger; Worlds and Friends

  2. Re: older recordings remastered:
    I’m a recording engineer by trade and would be very interested in helping restore any previously unpublished live or studio recordings. I would also love to try to produce copies of “Ten Maidens Fair” and “Give Me Jesus” that are not clipped.

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