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New Caedmon web site

With all the hype and the misinformation that seems to have followed it, we found ourselves obliged to set the record straight. And what better way than our own web site.

2 thoughts on “New Caedmon web site”

  1. Katy van den Berg

    Adored and still adore the Caedmon album (yes, the vocalist is very important, but so was the quality of the music and the dense and demanding lyrics). Can’t believe that something I bought as a student 30 years ago is really worth hundreds…wouldn’t part with it for a thousand so price is irrelevant. My 13-year-old daughter is currently taking the words of ‘Beyond the Second Mile’ into school with her as part of her English homework (‘difficult’ poems that need a lot of thought to understand), so I guess Caedmon lives!

  2. Boggle! As someone who grew to loathe English in school I’m not sure whether to glow with pride or shrivel up inside. I hope your daughter finds the words useful!

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