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Concert 2: Old Enough to Know Better

A full house, with audience travelling from Washington DC, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Northumberland and Newcastle, with first timers from the Netherlands and Germany and of course, Edinburgh.

JIm’s ‘Old Enough to Know Better’ was storming with guests William Jaquet (kit), Richard Scott (sax) and Tony Welbrock (sax) adding to the country rock feel……. Asleep at the Wheel, eat your heart out.

Angela’s sensitive and powerful rendition of ‘Heaven Haven’ (penned by Manley Hopkins / Jaquet), and SImon’s ‘Peace in the Fire’ were glorious moments of pure acoustic gold.

Ken’s ukulele finger picking in ‘Childless’ provided the suitably naked edge for the subject matter for the story song.

Sam executed the leading vocals on ‘Old Kings’ with panache and depth, sound mixed with precision by his son, Joe Wilson.

Simon’s pilgrimage song “Take it away’ took us on the Compestella Trail to Santiago.

But it was ‘Sea Song’, ‘Columcille’ and ‘Aslan’ that got the biggest applause. Angela’ daughter Amy Webb joined the Band for the encore ‘Give me Jesus’ providing a chance for some nostalgia, a tear to the eye and relived moments of 1978.

Hopefully there’ll be a chance to hear highlights on Dave Heavenor’s live recording.

‘Thank you all so much for a wonderful evening of fun and reminiscences. You don’t remember us but you made a huge mark (a good one!) on our families lives. Our oldest daughter was 40 last year and we made her a DVD of her life and part of it was her singing with Caedmon in our sitting room. Thanks for the happy memories. God bless and lang may yer lums reek!’

‘Just dropping by to say how much I enjoyed the concert last night. Splendid stuff – “Aslan” was fantastic.
Best wishes for tonight.
The Hare And The Moon’.
x (on My Space) ……. (sorry we didn’t meet up H n M, thanks for your comments)

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