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Caedmon – together again

Well, we finally managed it. This weekend, Caedmon got together at a remote, not to say exclusive, location and spent three blissful days (it was a long weekend) making music as if thirty years had flown by in a day.

This time, with digital technology everywhere, we were able to record everything – video, audio, photography… This was incredibly useful, because from one moment to the next we were incapable of remembering what we’d played on the previous song. 

And yes, there were songs – lots of ’em. Every time we played together, another idea would pop up. So, although we’re all busy people, we’re also determined to finish what we’ve started.

What can we say – watch this space!

Caedmon - 16.05.2008

2 thoughts on “Caedmon – together again”

  1. At last. I knew you could do it. It seems like 30 years or so since you last played. And if Fairport can do it, why not Caedmon. (Am I the first??)

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