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Caedmon Stage Style Statements

Caedmon on stage (c1977)c1977 (Edinburgh Fringe?)

Sam wears Snoopy, Angela goes angelic, Simon sports straw and Jim juxtaposed in jade (his wrap over kimono fashioned on the flat’s sewing machine by his own fair hand). Ken presumably stage left with camera?

Note Caedmon’s high tech lighting rig (floor-based 100 watt domestic spot lights on a plywood board).

Update: The picture was the wrong way round, so here it is flipped back the right way, with Jim stage right and Sam stage left.

1 thought on “Caedmon Stage Style Statements”

  1. I’d scanned this slide the wrong way round, but Jim then sorted the photo with a digital mirror reversal.
    He must have spotted that, although left-handed, he has never been seen playing a left-handed guitar (or, indeed a right-handed guitar turned up side down, like Hendrix did……). Both hands have a skillful role to play, so I concur with his approach. My left-handed brother adopted the same strategy when playing viola.

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