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Terrascope Rumbles ‘A Chicken….’ Review

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From Terrascope

Durham/ Edinburgh/ Manchester/ West Bromwich residents Caedmon – gone from the music world for 30 years but now reformed, at least, in theory – have a new folk-infused album out, “A Chicken To Hug,” in which improvised material is transformed into a set of songs. Opener ‘Peace In The Fire’ merges folk and rock instrumentation, and wonderful vocals, all to great effect, setting the tone for the whole work. ‘Still Here’ has more of a pop vibe, while ‘Bonnie Boy’ sounds more like a folk standard, and features really good vocals. ‘Four Winds’ is a slow waltztime groover, light as a feather, while ‘Waltzing Home’ is a strange, whimsical cut with curious vocals. ‘Time Flies’ mixes Ken Patterson’s throaty vocals with a twisting, turning arrangement, while Patterson’s ‘Ouagadougou’ is a superb evocation of that marvellous city, and album closer ‘Old Kings’ a bluesy evocation of life gone by and life to come. Variety and sensitive arrangements create a good album. ( )


So, exactly what is “terrascopic music”?

It’s music that gets featured in the magazine The Ptolemaic Terrascope. And right here at the Terrascope Online website.

But there must be something about a particular record that causes it to “belong” in the Terrascope?

To be honest, nobody’s too sure about that…

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