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When Ken, Simon and Sam met up to agree the final edits for the album we had lunch at Simon’s house with Lins Honeyman, a musician and reviewer for Cross Rhythms. He had already put in a recent review of the original Caedmon album and wanted to interview us for a future article. Jim and Angela couldn’t make it but Lins had already asked them questions by email.

Well, we had some of Simon’s characteristically fine soup and settled down for an hour or so’s chat. I hadn’t realised quite how flattering it is to be asked questions by someone who’s enthusiastic and interested. It was also interesting to hear and read answers to questions that we don’t really ask each other. No, I can’t really think of an example, but no matter how the interview is reported it was a pleasant experience.

Anyway, the interview is now published and you can read it here at Cross Rhythms.

UPDATE: When Lins came to Edinburgh to interview us we discovered that he’d never heard the Kissing Spell live recording (notable for both member of the audience applauding politely at the end of frantic fuzz-fest London Psalm) so we gave him a copy. Here’s the result.

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