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Quiet, isn’t it…

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We don’t seem to have updated things here much recently. Just for the record (no, really) the new album is being mastered and the draft artwork has been sent off to the pressing company. Excitement!

After the recording and the concerts back in May we got together, looked at our diaries and discovered we didn’t have a time we could get together to finish the album until July. The joys of modern life. So in July the lads went back to Durisdeer to finish off backing vocals, percussion and such like. We left Steve to produce a first mix and edit for us to comment on.

That first draft arrived in early September and we all sat down to listen to it. Comments and discussion flew thick and fast and Ken collated them (and Jim built a web page with example audio clips on it, after all that’s what he does). Ken, Sam and Simon met up in Edinburgh on the 17th of October to have a final listen through and try to resolve any differences. We another reason for meeting up as well but I’ll tell you about that later.

Ken and Simon then went and spent all the next Tuesday (10:30-10:30!) with Steve to work on the final mix. We’ve got CDs of that, liked it, and Steve is now doing the final spit and polish. Ken has been working on the cover art, and (DV, WP, USA) we’re almost there. Hopefully ‘A Chicken To Hug’ will be available for the Christmas market (guess what all our friends and family will be getting…)

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