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Day Three: ‘Still Here’. A week recording in the Scottish hills.

Three tracks laid down on Day Three:

Sam’s ‘Still here’ examines how you prepare your kids to be independent……. and then they are. A touch of ‘Oye como va’ without an obvious Latin feel. There are a few parts left to put down but it’s sounding good.

Simon’s ‘Take it away’ started this morning with a bleak, raw-edged groove, but producer Steve spotted potential for a lighter more complex arrangement leading to nuances of Steely Dan’s ‘Do it Again’. Memories flood back of the music playing at the record stall in Greyfriars Market (Edinburgh) in 1974. It’s extraordinary that it still very clearly Caedmon when you listen to it. The words detail an escape to the pilgrim’s life.

Ken’s ‘Childless’ has a laid back Psych Folk groove…. a story song tackling the subject of its title (a sense of Squeeze to the lyric?).

Onward and upward……..

1 thought on “Day Three: ‘Still Here’. A week recording in the Scottish hills.”

  1. I should add a disclaimer that ‘Still Here’ is not really my song; it’s words: Claire Wilson, music: Claire Wilson and Sam Wilson.

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