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Day Five: ‘A little bit of psychedelia’. A week recording in the Scottish hills.

The debate about definitions of Acid Folk and whether Caedmon should be in ‘that bag’ continues and some extraordinary descriptions exist in reviews e.g. from ‘Rate Your Music’ :

‘The greatest of all hippy folk albums, if you ask me. Repeated listens reward you with beautiful, complex songs bolstered by the expertise of accomplished musicians. One of my desert island discs.’

‘Caedmon’s music is perhaps the most faerie in British electric folk, and its atmospheres are deeply fascinating, ranging from episodes of pure woods witchery to more religious spirituals. Though the recording isn’t so good, the musicianship and the quality of the arrangements is impressive: the lead singer’s voice is one of the best ones among British folk dames, and the fuzzed guitar does its best to enhance the connections with Jefferson Airplane’.

…….. the album is emerging as complex, eclectic, and diverse in its referencing to different styles…… and today Jim got out his home built fuzz box and Dan Armstrong guitar: the inclusion of a few acid drops on ‘Elephant’……… but has there ever been any connection between our music and Jefferson Airplane?

1 thought on “Day Five: ‘A little bit of psychedelia’. A week recording in the Scottish hills.”

  1. That site does have at least one reviewer who doesn’t like it: “… ungodly boring and forgettable …” – realism at last. 🙂

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