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Countdown to the Concerts: 2. Time Flies

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The weekend concerts are close. I promised a video of time-related imagery to back-project during the performance one of our new songs: ‘TIme Flies’. So ironic that the song it’s for details the dilemma I’m in “..Time flies when you’re not looking, Time flies and you get nothing done” …… Will I find time to finish it off before Friday’s rehearsal?

I filmed feet around the world on my sabbatical year off Nov. 2008 / 2009. It’s become a film called ‘Footage’ and is a half hour short musical documentary of people’s feet from Cuba to Cook Islands, Bolivia to Bulgaria. Perhaps a fast fix will to be use some of the manic driving and rickshaw-running in Kolkata, India, to finish it off.

There’s a clock sequence taken in France and an international time-table railway-based scene, it should work.
…. “Time flies when you’re havin’ fun……”


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